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Valley Crankshaft may not have the latest, most expensive equipment on the market, but we pride ourselves in our ability to operate and maintain our equipment; therefore insuring that all our work is finished to 110% of our customers’ expectations. Following is a list of our services with a description of each (click thumbs for larger images).

Sharp 9x42 Vertical Mill
Mike spends more time on this machine than any other in the shop. Jobs performed include piston machining (using a BHJ piston vise), including valve reliefs, piston gas porting, balancing, lightening, & cutting down the compression height. Block machine work, including stroker clearance, lifter bore sleeving/indexing with BHJ tooling (small & big block Chev). Crank work, including balancing, heavy metal installing, key-way machining, cross drilling, & lightening are all also available. He does many other machining processes on the vertical mill. Call or email for more info.




Engine Dyno
Our engine dyno is a Superflow SF901, and Mike has been operating it since 1992. He has run over 500 engines on the dyno, and has made over 7500 dyno pulls. We were the first in Idaho to have an engine dyno in our shop. Our dyno room is equipped with a 14,000 cfm fan, exhausting pre-filtered air to remove heat and contamination. We have a divorced engine inlet air supply, consisting of an 18" supply duct. This draws carburetor inlet air from the machine shop. A recent improvement to the system included lowering the supply to approximately 6' above the floor. This system will control carburetor inlet air temperature 1^ throughout a pull on the dyno. In the 16 years of dyno operation, we have accumulated enough dyno support equipment to fill a small warehouse. Several engine combinations fully supported include following: General motors (Chevy small & big block, inline 6, Pontiac V8, Olds V8 (both early & late), Buick V8. Mopar (small &  big block, internal & external balance), Ford (Windsor all, FE all including external balanced 428, 385 series all, including internal & external balance). We have also run marine engines (w/wet exhaust manifolds), blown engines, turbo-charged engines, dry-sump engines, electronic-fuel injected engines & even motorcycle engines. If it fits in a boat, car, etc, we can probably Dyno-Test it!



We use a Hines hard bearing style balancer, & have experience in all types of balancing work. This consists of basic internal/external balancing, to lathe-turned counter weight, no drilled hole-profiled counterweights, all to reduce windage & moment of inertia. Also, heavy metal installation is available.




Block, Head & Intake Manifold Surfacing
We use a Storm Vulcan 85-B machine for surfacing. For 90° V8 engines, we have a full compliment of BHJ deck indexing tooling to correct deck angles, as well as squaring blocks front to back. It is common to finish block decks to within .001 at all four corners. The same machine is used for head & intake manifold surfacing. Angle-milling cylinder heads is available. Our machine produces approximately a 75RA surface finish.




Cylinder Boring, Honing, Torque Plate Honing
We have two Kwik-Way boring machines, mounted on a Kwik-Way boring stand, & have BHJ locating tooling for small & big block Chevy. We now use a Peterson honing machine, equipped with Sunnen abrasives and brushes, for exceptional cylinder finishes. The 425/427 motor in our Chevy stocker uses very light tension, low-drag rings, that are difficult to seal up. While running the motor on the dyno at peak torque (in a steady-state test), the typical blow-by-blow numbers (measured in cfm), are 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 cfm. The Peterson honing machine is also used for valve guide & lifter bore honing.




Rod Reconditioning/Pin Fitting
Sunnen equipment is what we use for our rod reconditioning, & piston & pin fitting. Re-bushing rods, center to center correction is available. A Sharp vertical mill & special tooling is used for pin bushing boring. Typical job: 8 rods all within .001 center-to-center lengths.





Crank Grinding
Our crank grinder is a 111 Van Norman crank grinder. This is an old machine, but has been well cared for. This machine has only had (and worn out) 2½ operators in its lifetime so far, with Mike being the last ½ person. This machine was purchased in 1984, the year we started Valley Crankshaft. All grinding is done on true centers, which is the slowest method, but also the most accurate. The machine is equipped with large diameter degree heads, thus making throw indexing possible. We also have a radius dresser &  offset grinding to increase/decrease stroke is available.




Air Flow Bench
In the late summer of 2003, we located & purchased a Flow Data flow bench. This machine is equipped with Audie Thomas’s data acquisition equipment. This is basically lab grade equipment, that will flow up to 700 cfm @ 28”. We have tooling for many different bore sizes, & cylinder head slider plates for small & big block Chevy & small block Ford. We also can modify & flow intake manifolds & carburetors.





Valve Seats & Guides
A Peterson TCM25 valve seat & guide machine is the equipment that we use. We use Sunnen seat tooling for form cutting valve seats. The valve seats are then final ground to insure perfection. All valve guides are honed to final size, using Sunnen equipment. We do all kinds of custom valve jobs from OEM to high performance. Also do custom head & intake manifold porting.





Custom MIG &  TIG Welding
Ask about custom mig & tig welding services. Custom header fabrication now available.






Custom Carburetor Building & Flowing
Throughout the years, with a lot of R & D, Mike has learned many carburetor tips & tricks. We are WD with Holley Performance Products & have several sizes of jets, power valves, carb spacers, gaskets & more in stock.
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We have been a dealer for Joe Gibbs Driven oil since 2006, & also use it in our 69 Camaro A/S. Every custom engine built & dyno tested at Valley Crankshaft is broken in with Joe Gibbs BR or BR 30 break-in oil.