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2006 Update: Valley Crankshaft sponsored the Pro Bracket Class at Firebird Raceway again in 2006, and will also in 2007. Mike’s ’69 Camaro was voted as “Best Appearing Vehicle” for 2006, at the annual Firebird Awards banquet. (We were pretty excited when they announced his name for this award!)

2008 Update: Early in 2008, we purchased a new Peterson Machine for honing blocks, guides and lifter bores. (See our Services section for more information on honing.)

2009 Update: Valley Crankshaft Inc continues to be a sponsor at our home track, Firebird Raceway. Though we are not sponsor for Pro class, we still support our local track as much as we can. Firebird Raceway has received the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Award for 2 years in a row! I would say that says something about Firebird Raceway in Idaho!

Our customers for many years, Jackie & Mick Alley did very well racing in 2009. Jackie has raced Super Stock class (currently SS/DA) since 2006 (instead of Stock). Mick has raced Stock eliminator for many years (currently AA/SA). They hit almost (if not all) of the NHRA Division 6 races. Jackie ended up with 3rd place in points for Super Stock in Division 6, and 25th place for Super Stock in Nationals! Way to go Jackie! Mick ended up with 10th place in points for Stock eliminator in Division 6. Good job, Mick! Congratulations to both Jackie & Mick Alley for their accomplishments in 2009! Thank you for your business over the years, & good luck in 2010!

 Owner/Operator: Mike Hering

Mike is the brains & founder of Valley Crankshaft. As previously noted, he started the business over 25 years ago. He probably has more knowledge of engine building than a person would ever realize. He’s always been one to build the best combination known to him, and doesn’t settle for just anything. Mike’s very particular about every aspect of engine building; from tear down, measuring, cleaning before, during & after machine work, to the configuration of the engine with all parts precisely chosen. He uses quality parts & takes a lot of pride in his work. All engines built at Valley Crankshaft are built to last as long as the application will allow; providing everything else in the car/boat/truck/custom rod is built & set up properly. Mike has done all types of racing in the past, beginning with dirt bikes when he was young. He still likes to trail ride and also rides a snowmobile. (Boondocking is his favorite!) He has done drag racing; river racing, and even tried Jet-sprinting a couple of times. Mike built our 70½ Z28 Camaro (twice now from the ground up) for a street (sometimes strip) car. He is currently building a 69 Camaro (from the ground up) to run in A/S class drag racing. Feel free to call or email Mike with any questions.

2005 Update: Mike, with a lot of help from a good friend, finished his 1969 Camaro in late summer. The paint job turned out awesome! Mike put a pump gas 406SBC/605hp bracket/drag racing motor in the car to beak-in and learn how to drive it. When Mike feels he and the car are ready, he's going to put a 427BBC/425hp engine in the car. He was only able to get a few test runs before the season ended for 2005. Watch for him in NW Division 6, running NHRA A/S Class in 2006! Photos to come!

2006 Update: In the spring of 2006, Mike took the 406 SBC engine out of his ’69 Camaro, and replaced it with the 427 BBC (Stock eliminator legal) engine. He raced several races at Firebird Raceway, including the “Ignitor” opener in May, the “Nightfire Nationals” in August, and the “Halloween Classic” in October. Mike raced two Division 6 and two Division 7 races in 2006. These included Woodburn, OR, Fallon, NV and the divisional at Las Vegas, NV in early November. He put 70 full passes on the car in 2006. By sorting out the car, he ended the year with a best of .85 under the index. He pulled the motor in December, and has since put 55 dyno pulls on it. Through various dyno tests, in Dec 06 & Jan 07, Mike has found 40+ more horsepower. Mike has been using Joe Gibbs racing oil, and is very pleased with the outcome of the motor. (He’s made a total of 93 pulls & 70 passes with the racing oil.) After disassembling the motor, he says that everything looks great! He’s a true believer of this oil! He also uses Joe Gibbs break-in oil on the racing engines that he builds and dyno tests. Mike suggests that anyone with a flat-tappet cam in his or her motor should use Joe Gibbs racing oil. (Of course, we are a dealer for Joe Gibbs oil, and they will even drop ship to our customers.)

2008 Update: Mike raced his 69 Camaro A/S car in several NHRA Division 6 races this year (including Firebird Raceway Boise, ID, Pacific Raceway in Seattle, WA, and Woodburn Dragstrip in Woodburn, OR). He also raced in a couple Division 7 races in Fallon, NV and Las Vegas, NV. In addition to the division races, Mike ran the National Event at Las Vegas in the fall. He ran SS/D class (they didn't have any stock class entries at that race), and went out after the 4th round of eliminations. That was good enough to get a little payback from the race, which is always nice!

2009 Update: Mike raced his 69 Camaro A/S at several NHRA Division 6 races, including Firebird Raceway, ID, Mission, BC Canada, Spokane County Raceway, WA, Woodburn, OR and Champion Raceway, Medford, OR. The NHRA National event that he raced was at Seattle, WA in mid July. Mike has been wanting to get a National Record in A/S for a while. The race at Spokane County Raceway in June was where he was able to get that record! On June 12, he got the A/S class National Record: speed - 131.51mph / et - 10.16 second in the 1/4 mile! That was a great day for both of us! Mike got his name and record listing, in the National Dragster. He continues to hold that record today (and will, until someone breaks it!) He has also made comments about wanting to break his record in 2010!

2010 Update: On 5/2/2010, Mike deepend his A/S record from 2009. The new record is 133.94 mph & the E.T. of 9.96 seconds. This was at the 1st Division 6 race (Ignitor) at Firebird Raceway in Eagle, ID. Mike held the E.T. record until a racer back east ran an E.T. of 9.94 seconds. (This was on 10/24/2010.) Although to this day 11/18/2011, Mike continues to hold the 133.94 mph A/S record.

In 2010, Mike raced at 4 Division 6 races, & 1 Division 7 race (Fallon, NV). Mike went to the semi-finals at the Spokane, WA Division 6 race. He ended up in 16th place in the Division 6 Stock eliminator points for the 2010 season. Pretty good, considering how many racers are in the Division 6 Stock class!

2011 Update: Although we decided not to travel much in 2011, Mike raced at several of the local races at Firebird Raceway in Eagle. He ended up in the finals 5 times. Not too bad for not racing much! We did go to the last Division 7 race in Las Vegas at the beginning of November. Mike lost in the 3rd round of Stock eliminator, but we had a good time. The SEMA show was also in Las Vegas that week, so we spent an afternoon there. We did also get to do see Hoover Dam, & go down to Freemont Street a couple times. (It was pretty much our vacation for the year)

Owner/Bookkeeper: Cheryl Hering

Cheryl has been in the automotive business for 20+ years. She’s done everything from delivering parts, counter parts sales, both store & warehouse parts ordering, to her current job of bookkeeper/owner of Valley Crankshaft. She finally gave up her other full time job at KAPS warehouse in early 1995 and has been here since. Just last year (2003), Cheryl tried drag racing for the first time, and is continuing in 2004 in the “Naughty Girls Racing” club. Cheryl & Mike have been the sole owners of Valley Crankshaft, and have been married since 1982.

2005 Update:
Cheryl raced for the "Naughty Girls Racing" in the Club Challenge Series. She raced at Firebird Raceway in 2004 and some in 2005. In August 2005, Cheryl and Mike took their 1970½ Z28 Camaro to an Autocross race in Jerome, Idaho. This was the first time they tried Autocross and they both say, "What a blast!"

2006 Update:
Cheryl decided to “sit out” the 2006-racing season, so Jenny could race for the Capital HS drag team. (She started middle to late in 2005, racing for the Capital HS team. She also raced a few times for the “Naughty Girls” at the Firebird Club Challenge races.) Jenny definitely enjoys drag racing, and of course, got a lot of support from Mike. She graduated in May 2006 from Capital HS. She hopes to get a “Letter” in drag racing for racing on the Capital HS team. Cheryl is thinking about “hitting” some of the races in 2007. She does enjoy the “rush” of going down the track in her 70-1/2 Z28 Camaro. (Though she’s gotta get that “tree” figured out!) She’s looking forward to going to some of the divisional races with Mike, and going to some different places.

2008 Update:
Cheryl enjoys going to the different tracks, and being Mike's pit crew. She also started back racing her 70-1/2 Z28 Camaro at some of the Club Challenge races. (She's back on the Naughty Girls team!)

2009 Update:
Again, Cheryl raced her Z28 Camaro at the 2009 Club Challenge races. For the Naughty Girls Racing team again, of course! (She still needs more seat time & practice on the lights! It's alot harder than it looks!) By the way, the Naughty Girls Racing team came in 2nd place in the silver cup Club Challenge series! Our team lost 1st place by a measly 54 points! Better look out for us in 2010!

Cheryl also continues to help Mike at the races. There are a lot of details, stuff to learn and do while helping as part of the pit crew.
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We have been a dealer for Joe Gibbs Driven oil since 2006, & also use it in our 69 Camaro A/S. Every custom engine built & dyno tested at Valley Crankshaft is broken in with Joe Gibbs BR or BR 30 break-in oil.